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Immerse is an exciting wellness space that opened its doors in October 2018. Located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, their unified team of wellness professionals work to help you reach healthy lifestyle goals. Their space has been uniquely designed to serve clients by giving them a respite of peace from the outside world.

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Move It Family

Find peace in the chaos. Move It Family is a program offered at Move It Studio to create opportunities for families to move together. Launching in Spring 2018, Move It Family programming includes everything from prenatal barre to family yoga. Having previously designed Move It Studio’s brand identity system and website, we recently had the […]

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Is Your Business Bleeding Potential Profit Without a Blog?

Companies that blog have 55% more website traffic than those that don’t. If your business depends on getting leads and boosting your subscriber base… then blogging could be exactly what you need.

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Amish Direct Playsets

Amish Direct Playsets is an Amish owned business located in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country of Lancaster County, PA. They specialize in the design of customizable vinyl & wood playsets, while keeping in mind a child’s imagination, enjoyment, and safety. In this brand identity project, we developed the logo & website for Amish Direct […]

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How to Generate more Leads and Sales Through your Website

If you want to learn how to generate more leads and sales through your website, you’re invited to join us for a free educational series.

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What is Responsive Web Design and Why do I Need It?

What is Responsive Web Design? Not too long ago you could get your web design team to create a desktop and a mobile version of your site and be done with it. Those days are gone: we’re surrounded by mobile devices of all shapes and sizes, and it’s impossible for your mobile site to serve […]

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What is UI/UX Design and Why is it Important?

So, you’ve sat down with your web designer to plan out your brand new website, and all they want to talk about is the importance of UI/UX design. What is this and why is it so important? In this post we break it down in simple terms and tell you why you too should care […]

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United Women’s Soccer (UWS)

United Women’s Soccer (UWS) is a national women’s soccer league sanctioned by U.S. Soccer through the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA). UWS is a professionally operated league created for teams that meet high minimum standards. The season runs from May until the end of July, culminating in a National Championship match …

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Move it Studio

Move It Studio was founded in September 2014 by Marie Cleaves Rothacker. Located in the heart of Downtown Lancaster, it has grown into the destination location for barre in the Central Pennsylvania region. Move It Barre, the studio’s signature class, is a barre fitness class designed by Cleaves Rothacker combining basic ballet exercises with Pilates-based […]

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