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Is Your Business Bleeding Potential Profit Without a Blog?

With all its benefits, blogging is a big need in the world of small- and mid-sized businesses. Retailers, manufacturers, and services can each boost their marketing efforts by simply being where their customers are… online.More specifically, customers are online using search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. You need to make your business easy to find by making sure you have the right kind and right amount of content that can be searchable.

Strong blogging efforts work on that understanding to capture new clients. Catchy blog post headlines, appealing content, and search engine optimization (SEO) can then point them right where you want them to go.

Consider these statistics:

  • Blogging B2B businesses are able to generate 67% more leads per month than their non-blogging competition.
  • Companies that use blogging as part of their inbound marketing strategies show 55% more website traffic than those that don’t.
  • According to research by HubSpot, websites that host 51 to 100 pages can see 48% jumps in traffic over those that feature one to 50. And boosting that page count to 401-1,000 then brings in six times more leads!

With those statistics, the question of “to blog or not to blog” seems silly. If your business depends on getting leads and boosting your subscriber base… then blogging could be exactly what you need.


Boost Your Business With Blogging

Here are just a few of the ways blogging can boost your business:

  • Establish Your Expertise – Do you know what you’re talking about? That’s one of the key questions any new customer wants to know. Can you solve their issue? Create the products they’re looking for? What makes you stand out from the crowd?Blog posts can go a long way in answering all that to any future clients who need some extra assurance that they’ll be in good hands.
  • Make Connections and Build Relationships – Blog posts can go far beyond merely announcing your existence. They set your business tone, showing how friendly, professional, and knowledgeable you are. They also prove you’re genuinely interested in helping them.Nobody wants to be just another number on a waiting list. They want quality care from people they trust, something that blog posts can promise in so many ways.
  • Give ‘Em Somethin’ to Talk About – Blogs involve url links. And links can be easily shared on social media, widening your reach even further. It’s that kind of share-ability that can lead to more and more chances to grow your customer base.


How Much Time Should Your Blogging Efforts Take?

Once you’ve decided that creating a blog is what’s best for your business, the next step is to figure out how much time you should spend on it. If you ask some so-called experts, they might tell you to go overboard – complete with some very solid-sounding reasons why.

“You need to blog every single day!” you’ll hear. “The more the better!”

Yet as Search Engine Land notes, “More content does not mean better content.”

One post a week could lead to your content going viral. Meanwhile, bad blogging efforts could have the exact opposite effect, reaching next to nobody and achieving little to nothing.


Blogging Services Done Right

It really comes down to what you’re blogging about and how you’re blogging about it.

  • Do you have enough potential posts to fill a proper blog?
  • Are there angles you’re not thinking of?
  • Do you understand the ins and outs of keyword research and SEO?
  • Are you using too many keywords or keyword phrases? How about the right ones?
  • Do you have the time and skills necessary to write and edit each post in the first place?

Those questions aren’t always easy to answer. Neither is ensuring quality control, such as working links… honest information… proper spelling and grammar… readability…

The list goes on from there. Google and other search engines will check for all of that. And they’ll bump you down the list if you come up short.

So if you are unsure about how to start blogging – or simply stretched for time – we can help. We will sit down with you for an in-depth look at your specific needs and perform expert research in your industry, then create a customized blogging plan designed to increase your traffic and business appeal.

“Blogging services done right” will:

  • Boost your website traffic
  • Improve your customer interaction
  • Strengthen your online reputation
  • Increase your sales.